Succession Planning
and Exit Strategies

What’s your exit strategy?

The biggest mistake company owners can make around succession planning is leaving it too late. This is a trap that befalls both private and family businesses, and there’s always more to the challenge than meets the eye.

Owners can often make assumptions about what key people want and don’t want for their futures, and how they fit into the company’s long-term plans. These can be difficult discussions to have, but not having them doesn’t make them go away.

I will help owners focus on the need to make progress sooner rather than later.  I’ll explore and explain all of the plausible options open to the owner, and cover the pros and cons of each.  I will assemble a team of specialists if necessary to ensure all the right bases are properly covered.

Once the plan is in place, I will help ensure it is implemented, including the crucial communication of the plan to employees and stakeholders. I’ve helped others navigate the minefields – including tax and estate planning – and can help you too.