Marketing Research and Planning

Let's find out who your audience is.

A lot of money is wasted in marketing research because insufficient thought is given to the type and usefulness of the information collected. My focus is on bringing you actionable information, not just “interesting” information.

I have experience in all forms of marketing research including customer focus groups, various types of surveys, field research etc.  Often I can identify research on your industry or sector that can be purchased in whole or in part for a fraction of the cost of generating your own information.

As a marketing planner, I have been exposed to dozens of different products and services in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, hospitality and other business sectors. I can bring powerful tools and approaches to streamline and uncomplicated the marketing planning process. This includes business to business and business to consumer.  My marketing plan implementation experience includes all of local, national and international, including Canada, the USA, Australia and Japan.