Human Relations Including
Key Person Search

The right people make all the difference.

People are at the core of any successful business. Ensuring you have the right people in the right roles is central to your successful growth. Growing companies are especially at risk of hiring ad hoc without defining the job description, roles, and responsibilities. Not only does this hinder productivity and growth, it can poison the company culture and also let compensation levels get out of alignment.

Through the right process, your people will embrace and enthusiastically participate in the development of meaningful, accurate and equitable job descriptions and roles tied back to your company’s objectives.  This can make a huge difference in worker productivity.

I can provide independent employee survey tools to objectively gauge the mood and sentiment of your existing employees, supervisors and managers.  Avoid surprises by identifying challenges before they become problems that affect your business. We can explore and measure staff sentiment – and provide solutions – in ways you, as the business owner, simply can’t.

If you require new people, I can help you hire staff, from front-line employees to VP-level executives, and everything in between. Success in hiring is a function of properly defining the role and then properly and objectively evaluating people against that role. I’ll ensure that you get the right candidate for the right reasons.