I can help you get your idea off the ground.

All startups have differences, but there are pitfalls to establishing a new enterprise, which are common to all, and which can derail even the best ideas.  Navigating through and around common startup pitfalls is key to getting your idea off the ground.

At the heart of all startups should be a written business and marketing plan. Length is not important. What is important is clarity, specificity, supported (researched) conclusions and realistic goals.

Through my direct work and service to the National Research Council's IRAP Management Assistance program, I've assisted quite few new businesses to get better established, and head in the right direction(s). What I've found is very often the Achilles Heel of new technology startups, is a lack of focus. In other words, the whole world cannot be your market out of the starting gate, and nor can every business sector in which your technology could be applied.

I've helped many a startup identify and focus on the "low hanging fruit", and in doing so, principals are able to make the best use of human, financial and technological capital.