Profit, Cash Flow, and
Financial Management

Let's get your financial affairs in order

Too often, businesses don’t have the information they need to make smart decisions either at all or in a timely fashion. Getting last year’s financial reports six months after the fact doesn’t help.

Sometimes businesses don’t know which products or services are contributing the most profit to the bottom line and which ones are actually drains on resources. They are often surprised.

I’ve helped a lot of businesses see clearly how to improve by identifying precisely why they aren’t as profitable as they could be, and how this can be remedied. The first step is identifying trends you can actually act on before it’s too late. So I’ll work with your bookkeeper or accountant to generate reports that you can act on and that provide true insight into your business. This will include identifying your most profitable products or services, making sure margins and prices are optimized and overheads are in control.

I’ll also bring the tools and expertise to help you improve and project cash flow. This includes getting a handle on receivables, collecting on them more quickly, staying on top of them, and freeing up working capital.

Getting financing and developing a healthy, productive relationship with your bank or investors is crucial to not only financing growth, but also weathering the inevitable ups and downs of any business. I can show you how to work more effectively with your current bank or help you source a new bank more receptive to your enterprise.

Some of the Profit, Cash Flow, and Financial Management Services Goals Services I Provide:

Cash flow improvement

Price optimization

Margin analysis and improvement

Bank and investor relations

Business financing

Financial reporting and projections