Productivity Improvement
& Technology Integration

Are things running as smoothly as they could be?

Productivity is more than just being busy: It’s about setting benchmarks, measuring the right things in the right context, and understanding how people, equipment, processes, and workflow can all boost or cripple productivity.

Through objective analysis, I can help you identify the real costs of every aspect of your business, how efficiently you employ human resources, where time is spent productively and where time or resources might be wasted. Once issues and opportunities have been identified, this is often a good time to adopt and properly integrate the right technological solutions as a means to increase productivity and control costs.

Many companies are held back by outdated systems and processes that steal valuable resources and hide the true story of their business. By moving them to integrated software solutions to manage customers, workflow/service delivery, order processing, accounting, inventory and billing, I help them save time and money, understand their business better, and provide better customer service.

I have experience sourcing, evaluating and implementing software solutions for service companies, manufacturers and retailers.

Some of the Productivity Improvement & Technology Integration Services I Provide:

Workflow analysis

Sourcing and evaluation of integrated accounting systems

Sourcing, evaluation and implementation of order processing systems