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Tweet This!

In Online Marketing on July 12, 2011 by John Kenmuir

“I’m here in Fenway watching the Safeway truck unload and you shoulda seen the size of the pomegranate they just dropped”. OK, maybe I exaggerate, but what I am missing about not being interested the mostly banal comings, goings and observations of people I barely know? Why would they be interested in mine?

Us older types don’t really use social networks much because we just don’t get it. OK, I admit maintaining a Facebook page so I can monitor the activities of my twenty-something daughter (geesh, don’t you own any tops without plunging necklines, I’ve never met that boy before…..). One thing I do get, is that for non geezer/boomer audiences, social media marketing has come of age.

Doubt the serious of it? Meet Scott Monty, VP of Social Media for Ford Motor Company: As you’ll see, these guys aren’t kidding. Scott’s blog is a useful reference to learn about social media marketing plus as you might imagine, the internet is littered with other factoids and guides that can help you.

If you target younger consumers, better get with the program and educate yourself on going viral. A little bird told me.

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