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Too Much Like Work?

In Marketing Planning on October 1, 2011 by John Kenmuir

I don’t encounter too many small or mid-sized businesses with a real, written marketing plan. There are a litany of excuses tendered but let’s get rid of four of the top myths about Marketing Planning.

1. It will be a book-length novel. OK, it takes more than the back of a cocktail napkin but 10 pages or less is not out of the question.

2. Its too complicated. Maybe you operate in different geographical markets, have different products or services, multiple channels or customer segments. If the task of planning for all variables at the same time is too onerous, prioritize and then divide the process into manageable chunks.

3. It will be carved in stone when I need flexibility. Marketing is a dynamic process. Your plan is something to refer to often and to refine and update regularly.

4.  It will cost a lot of money.  Getting professional assistance on marketing planning will probably cost you less than a financial audit and likely have more impact on your business success.

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